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Racial Issues Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird In the 1930s racial issues did exist, this is also the time setting for To Kill a Mockingbird. Racial issues were not only between African Americans and Whites, racial issues also arose with Asian and Americans heavily leading into the 1940s. Being an African American appeared to be the most difficult because racial tensions were so popular and known, while racial discrimination between Asians and Americans were not as common. The strict segregation and rules that were put in place by the government were horrific and terrible, for example African Americans had to not only go to separate schools and Churches but also separated water fountains, stairs, and some stores. The Tom Robinson case handled racial issues in To Kill a Mockingbird, The Scottsboro Boys, Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, and Roosevelt’s internment all handled racial discrimination. Harper Lee wrote this book, To Kill a Mockingbird, in light of a little girl growing up during this time period and seeing the world through her eyes. Harper Lee included the Tom Robinson case to let readers comprehend the extent of racial issues during this time. A reader s mind is constantly thinking while reading, whether it is trying to solve a mystery, guess what will happen next, or to just process the current information on the page. Reading the Tom Robinson case may create a conflict between the reader and story when the truth is there but the characters cannot understand it. Understanding theShow MoreRelatedHow Does Harper Lee Present Racial Issues During the 1930s in the Novel ‚Äà ²to Kill a Mockingbird‚Äà ´?846 Words   |  4 PagesHarper lee has presented racism in the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by describing how blacks live and are treated harshly. The court case of Tom Robinson, which is the main part of the story is a metaphor th at Harper Lee has created of the situation in the 1960 s. Things were not stable at the time and Tom s case is just one example of the racial discrimination the blacks were facing during this time. The racial tension in the 1930s was so serious that even when blacks did do well, they wereRead MoreAnalysis Of Harper Lee s Kill A Mockingbird 1491 Words   |  6 PagesHarper Lee’s ​ To Kill a Mockingbird ​ is a critically acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize winning novel that instantly attained its position as one of the greatest literary classics (Editors).The story of Scout Finch’s childhood has become one of the most notable narratives that addresses controversial issues present in the early 20th century. Lee’s novel depicts themes of race, justice, and innocence throughout the novel. Although ​ To Kill a Mockingbird​ is regarded as a literary masterpiece in AmericanRead MoreThe South : Controversial Topics On Harper Lee s Kill A Mockingbird1475 Words   |  6 PagesTopics in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a critically acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize winning novel that instantly attained its position as one of the greatest literary classics (Editors).The story of Scout Finch’s childhood has become one of the most notable narratives that addresses controversial issues present in the early 20th century. Lee’s novel depicts themes of race, justice, and innocence throughout the novel. Although To Kill a Mockingbird is regardedRead MorePrejudicial issues in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay753 Words   |  4 PagesHarper Lees ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ explores the prejudicial issues which plague over the town Maycomb. Harper Lee uses the trial of Tom Robinson a black man accused of rape on a young white girl, Mayella as a central theme to portray the prominence of racial discrimination in Maycomb. The racial prejudice is also widely shown through the characterisation of Atticus. Having Scout as the narrator allows Har per Lee to highlight the gender inequity through a youthful unbiased perspective. The chauvinisticRead MoreAn Unfortunate Truth: To Kill a Mockingbird717 Words   |  3 PagesIt has been over fifty years since Harper Lee wrote her classic book, To Kill a Mockingbird (TKM). â€Å"Harper Lee’s work is so powerful and popular that it has never been out of print,† (Price). Since then, the outside world has changed with significance. People wear jeans instead of slacks, pocket calculators have more computing power than the rocket that put humans on the moon, and culture is advancing faster than the rocket’s return. Through all these changes that have taken place since 1960, TKMRead MoreRacial Issues In Harper Lees To Kill A Mockingbird775 Words   |  4 PagesTo Kill a Mockingbird Research Paper In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee highlights racial profiling and how peoples perceptions change their actions towards others, which continues to be an issue in todays society. One racial issue we see during To Kill a Mockingbird is social injustice in the court system, shown through the Tom Robinson trial. For example, Jem doesnt quite understand the unfortunate, but true state of the injustice in the courts, so Atticus explains to him, Tom RobinsonsRead MoreEffects Of Racial Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird1526 Words   |  7 PagesRacial discrimination is when you treat someone differently based on the color of their skin or when you think different races exist in the world. Racial discrimination comes in two different forms extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is when you believe that a certain race is bad. Intrinsic racism is when you have a specific hatred towards a certain race. To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel that shows many forms of racial discrimination that was wri tten b y Harper Lee in the 1960’s. In To Kill a MockingbirdRead MoreRacism And Discriminatory Events Throughout History1537 Words   |  7 PagesMohannad Alkhatib TKM Paper Millions of humans have suffered at the hands of racism and discriminatory events throughout history. The majority of these racial and discriminatory events are the basis of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The novel references Jim Crow laws, mob mentality, as well as the issues of racism and discrimination in that period of time. To begin, the first topics inspired by real life events in the novel were the Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was a set of laws that aimed to discriminateRead MoreRacism, Injustice, and Discrimination in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird800 Words   |  4 PagesRacism, Injustice, and Discrimination in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird According to Shackleford, â€Å"The novel portrays a young girls love for her father and brother and the experience of childhood during the Great Depression in a racist, segregated society, which uses superficial and materialistic values to judge outsiders, including the powerful character Boo Radley† (Shackelford). The main character relates closely with her father because he is the superior role model in her life. Having herRead Moreâ€Å"Shoot All The Blue Jays If You Want, If You Can Hit’Em,1224 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Shoot all the blue jays if you want, if you can hit’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird,† ( Lee pg 90) In Harper Lee’s famous novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, the author emphasizes the major issue of justice representing the symbol of a mockingbird. Taking place in the 1930s in the Deep South, a time when racial inequality and great intolerance were highly prevalent. The novel comes out as an injustice to the most gracious and thoughtful but unjustly accused citizens from the town

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Angelina Grimke Weld American Women Rights Activist,...

Angelina Grimkà © Weld was an American women rights activist, abolitionist and a leader of the women suffrage movement. She was born in 1805 and spent most her life as an advocate for women rights in the United States. Her most notable works were realized when her article appeared in the local dairies in 1836. In 1838, she notably gave a speech to other abolitionists in Pennsylvania (Weld). The speech was an act of courage since there were protesters outside the hall who were hurling stones. Her speech was incisive towards the end of slavery and advocacy for equal rights among all irrespective of gender. She made the speech since she was against the oppression that was being subjected to women during the early 19th century. Her speech was mostly drawn from her experience of racism, racial injustice and poor treatment of women when she lived in the South. Her belief in the ending of these injustices was based on her religion and belief in Christianity and then natural rights of all individuals. Her motives to write the speech was based on changing the thinking of other people into acknowledging that all humans were equal despite their race, gender or ideologies. They were therefore supposed to be treated as the same irrespective of their social classes. Some of her personal details could have influenced the speech that she wrote. Among them is gender since she was a woman and her beliefs in Christianity through reading the Bible that championed that all people were the sameShow MoreRelatedGrimke Sisters Work Together to Abolish Slavery and Give Women Equality2030 Words   |  9 PagesSarah Grimke and Angelina Grimke, more commonly known as the Grimke Sisters, were among the first women to become active public speakers in the abolitionist movement in the United States in the 1800s. Having lived in a time when women were inferior, and discouraged from getting involved in political affairs, it was not difficult for them to become noticed by speaking out to the public, and writing on their beliefs that supported the movement to abolish slavery. In turn, this also began a new movementRead MoreSlavery Of The Black Spirit By Michael Craton1959 Words   |  8 Pageshelped to tip the scales further towards abolition. As evidenced, religion played an instrumental role in Anglo-American slavery, first as a moral justification for enslavement, then as an anti-slavery tool used to provide inspiration and facilitate anti-slavery communication, and finally, as an example used by anti-slavers to emphasize the immoralities of slavery. The abolitionist movement in the United States was also influenced heavily by religion. As previously mentioned, the Quakers were

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Developing and Applying Habitat Models Using Forest Inventory Data Free Essays

Developing the forest inventory, growth and yield modeling area unit usually concerned to predicting tree volumes from diameter at breast height or from tree height. Prediction of volume equations supported these 2 factors from a sample of trees that intensively measured will cause considerably totally different volume estimates. The supply of adequate and precise data is incredibly necessary to predict this and future condition of the forests for forest management designing. We will write a custom essay sample on Developing and Applying Habitat Models Using Forest Inventory Data or any similar topic only for you Order Now careful data admire stand volume and basal space is also obtained from forest inventories. While, foretelling of the long run conditions of existing stands is also expected mistreatment growth and yield models (Tesfaye Teshome, 1996). Volume prediction is typically the expansion parameter of greatest interest to the forest manager and to judge of website productivity in terms of volume is fascinating, however the strategy of measure volume should be standardized (Assmann, 2004). Utilizable volume is insufficient as a result of utilization standards vary in time and place. Estimates of sawn volume area unit even a lot of unreliable, as a result of they rely on assumptions relating to conversion potency counseled the employment of solid wood (derbholz) volume outlined because the volume beneath bark of all stem and branch material not under seven cm diameter beneath bark. this can be convenient for conifers because it reflects utilization standards in common usage in several places. However, in trees with a hydrophilic habit, this might entail the activity of branch volume, which can be troublesome (Avery, 2002). The historic development of growth and yield modeling emanated from earlier traditional yield (static) models. Static models predict yield as a operate getting on, website category and also the history of stand density. These models area unit static as a result of the resultant yield functions derived from the higher than discreet variables don’t allow any stand variation except those who area unit already thought-about within the knowledge (Tesfaye Teshome, 1996). Volume production is typically the expansion parameter of greatest interest to the forest manager, associate analysis of website productivity in terms of volume is fascinating, however the strategy of measure volume should be standardized. useful volume is insufficient as a result of utilization standards vary in time and place (Assmann, 1961) In Munessa forest conjointly there kinds of volume equation has been developed on totally different trees species that found the forests. Among that cypress one amongst trees species dominate the realm that its growth and vary from one {site|website|web website} to a different site. Volume equation that are predicting the expansion parameters of cypress and its yields (Friis, I. 1992) How to cite Developing and Applying Habitat Models Using Forest Inventory Data, Papers

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BB108 Business Statistics

Question: Discuss about the Report for Business Statistics. Answer: ANSWER 1 Our group number is 7, hence we used the data for group 7 The data for our group is given as Group 7 7 7 6 4 5 1 2 7 7 2 2 5 2 1 5 4 5 7 2 3 2 7 2 6 2 5 3 4 4 5 4 2 6 4 2 2 3 4 1 1 1 4 2 5 7 1 6 2 7 3 5 7 7 7 5 2 4 6 4 3 1 7 6 7 The frequency distribution of Best T-shirts Ltd can be depicted as Size of the T-shirt Frequency Small 7 Medium 14 Large 5 XL 10 2XL 9 3XL 6 4XL 13 In excel we use the command COUNTIF. The syntax for the command is COUNTIF(range, criteria) for example is if our data is from cell no A2 to A65 and we have to count how many 1 are there then we write COUNTIF(A2:A65,1) The total COUNT of T-shirts is 64. In excel we use the command COUNT(range). To count the number of T-shirts we used COUNT(A2:A65) The cumulative frequency and relative frequency can be depicted as Cumulative Frequency Relative Frequency 7 0.1094 21 0.2188 26 0.0781 36 0.1563 45 0.1406 51 0.0938 64 0.2031 To calculate the cumulative frequency we add the present frequency of the variable with the cumulative frequency of till the last variable. In our example since F3 cell contained the data of the first variable it was copied as it is. The frequency of the second was at F4. Hence we add the frequency of F4 to the cell containing the value of F3. To calculate the relative frequency we divide the frequency by the total count. The Mode represents the central tendency of this data. We are trying to find the frequency and thus which is the most frequently used t-shirt size. The sales of the t-shirts can be summarized as The medium size t-shirt is in the highest demand. 14 t-shirts of Medium size were sold. The large size t-shirt is in least demand. Only 5 were sold. From last months data we find that 2XL size was purchased by 14.06% of the people 3XL was purchased by 9.38% and 4XL was purchased by 20.31% of the people. Thus individually these proportions of the customers will be affected. Overall 43.75% of the customers will be affected. The variable T-shirt size is an ordinal data. The data contained in the t-shirt size has a logical order even though the differences in the order may not be constant. The variables Length in inches and Width in inches are interval data, but the interval data is not constant. ANSWER 2 The average number of Hours spent watching TV is 24.8. We used the AVERAGE function. Since the data was contained in cells from B2 to K11 hence the command was AVERAGE(B2:K11) The standard deviation of the sample was 9.1905 hours. We used the function STDEV.S and the command was STDEV.S(B2:K11) We can use the t-distribution table for constructing the 96% confidence interval. We need to find the value of . determines the level of confidence. Since the sample size is 100 we can find the value of this from the t-distribution table which is given as 2.054 The standard normal distribution table can also be used. 96% CI means 4% level of significance. Hence a = 4/100 = 0.04 Hence the total area below the critical value is From the standard normal distribution table we find the z value corresponding to 0.98 which is less than 2.06 but more than 2.05. For a better value we used the t-table. The point estimate is a single value which describes the population. Thus the sample mean can be used as the point estimate of the population mean. Thus the point estimate is 24.8 hours. The margin of error for the population mean is given as E = where = the table value for 96% confidence interval = 2.054 s = sample standard deviation = 9.1905 n = size of the sample = 100 thus the margin of error = Thus the 96% confidence interval for the population mean is given as 24.8 8877. The lower limit of the interval is 22.9123 and the upper limit of the interval is 26.6877. ANSWER 3 The binomial probability distribution for the successful heart transplant surgery is 7.63611E-42 The command used was BINOMDIST(number_s, trials, probability_s, cumulative) where number_s is the number of heart transplants that took place = 6 trials is the total number of surgery that took place in the hospital = 65 probability_s is the probability of success of heart transplant = 0.85 cumulative is the probability of success of heart transplant given that a total of 65 surgery took place = FALSE The mean of the binomial distribution is given as Where m = mean N = the total number of surgery = 65 n = the probability of success of heart surgery = 0.85 Thus m = 65x0.85 = 55.25 (Mean) The variance of the binomial distribution Hence s2 = 65x0.85x(1 0.85) = 8.2875 (Variance) The standard deviation of a binomial distribution = = 2.8788 (standard deviation) The total number of different surgeries that took place in the hospital is 65. Of these 65 surgeries the number of heart surgery was 6, and the probability of success of these 6 heart surgery was 0.85. If all the 65 surgeries, were heart surgeries then the average number of successful heart surgery would be 55.25, with a standard deviation of 2.8788. A heart surgery cannot have a decimal part. It is either a success or a failure. Hence in other words if we consider repeated data from 65 heart surgeries we would find that the mean number of successful heart surgery to be 55.25 and the standard deviation to be 2.8788. For Binomial distribution the unusual values are more than two times standard deviation on either side of the mean. The mean mx = 55.25 The standard deviation sx = 2.8788 The values of x are 55.25 2x2.8788 i.e x 49.4924 and 55.25+2x2.8788 i.e., x 61.0076

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Is Machu Picchu Being Managed Sustainably free essay sample

Mach Fichu was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Birmingham after he was lead up there by a Peruvian guide. The invading Spanish never discovered Mach Fichu, which helped preserve and keep the site isolated for many centuries. However, today Mach Fichu is far from isolated with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the ruins every year. Naturally, this puts pressure on the ancient city, but what pressures is Mach Fichu put under? In 2001, Mach Fichu became a wonder of the modern world, sharply increasing visitor numbers.In 1 980 there were roughly 1 50,000 suitors yet in 2009 there were approximately 850,000 visitors (see figure B). Up to 2,000 people visit the ruins every single day, with the vast majority being foreign visitors. The number of visitors reached a historic high in 2008, with 858,211 people visiting Mach Fichu. These high numbers of visitors put a strain on local resources. Tourists feet are slowly eroding away the ancient site and the Inca Trail, as well as cutting down timber for fuel. We will write a custom essay sample on Is Machu Picchu Being Managed Sustainably or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This loss of trees increases erosion by rain and often leads to landslides in the area. The high tourist numbers can also be a good thing. Its providing jobs for any local people, but the jobs are not usually well paid. With the increase of people in the area, local property values and the prices of goods increase. Local people cant afford to pay the entrance fee and enjoy one of their countrys greatest treasures! In fact, money made from tourism does not usually stay in Peru, but goes to the countries where the tourist companies are based.As Mach Fichu gained popularity, helicopters began to bring in tourists, which pollutes the area and disturbs the peaceful qualities of the site. As Mach Fichu has been put under pressure, there is the growing issue f being environmentally friendly and dealing with waste. More and more sewage is being pumped into the Aruba River and litter is often dropped in the valley below. I think that although the site is beautiful, people definitely deserve to see it, and that tourism does provide jobs, Mach Fichu is currently being put under too much pressure.An issue surrounding Mach Fichu is sustainable development. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs Of the present without compromising the ability Of future generations to meet their own need s. According to KIDS (International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2014). What this means is that the site needs to be developed in such a way that it meets the current needs but allows for future generations to meet their own needs. For example, imagine a village near a forest, where people go to get timber.Fifthly cut down 3 trees a week, but dont plant any, there will be none left for the future generations. However, if they plant 2 new saplings for every single tree they cut down and limit the amount of trees they can cut down in a week, there will be trees there for future generations. This way the current generation can get what hey need, but also dont stop the future generation from getting what they need. So this raises the question, is Mach Fichu actually being managed sustainable? I think that Mach Fichu is not being managed sustainable. Concerns have been raised about the environment due to logging, commercial plant collection, logging, poor waste management, poaching, introduced species and water pollution from not only urban waste but from chemicals in the Aruba River, as well as pressures from broader development in this region. However, it is important to remember that the action is in a high altitude with an extreme environment and terrain, as well as bad weather conditions, making it more prone to natural disasters which could make things more difficult. However, there is a very high potential to restore degraded areas.All these concerns require new, long-term solutions in order for the site to be managed sustainable. Currently, Mach Fichu is being abused by the sheer number of tourists entering the site annually. If this rise in tourists increases and solutions for concerns raised arent created then Mach Fichu will not be the same for future generations, and may not e there for them to enjoy. UNESCO (United N ations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) threatened to take away Mach Fichus place on the World Heritage Sites list; however it still remains on the list. UNESCO has identified many problems with Mach Fichu and is also raising concerns with the site. In the future, helicopters could be banned to help reduce pollution in the area and help preserve the quiet nature of the site. The issue of waste could be fixed, helping to preserve the Aruba River and reduce water pollution. Prices for both goods and properties could be fixed to a certain, elastic price to try and help the local people.

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Bill Gates Essays - Nerd Culture, Altair, Bill Gates, Traf-O-Data

Bill Gates Essays - Nerd Culture, Altair, Bill Gates, Traf-O-Data Bill Gates Introduction "Bill Gates and his empire command fear, respect and curiosity in the world he helped create. Microsoft dominates the software world like no other company in a major consumer industry" (Electric 1). Exactly how did Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen get their company to such a tremendous height? The history of Microsoft is a very fascinating past full of enterprise and excitement. The Dawning of a great company Bill Gates and Paul Allen are the co-founders of Microsoft. The start of their great success started in high school on a computer terminal. All their free time and money was spent working on that terminal. The development that really inaugurated everything, in the business sense was when they found an article in 1971, in a business magazine about Intel's 4004 chip (Billionaires 70). Soon they both talked about the chip and decided that the microprocessor can only get enhanced. Later in the year Intel came out with a newer chip called the 8008. Bill and Paul the n went out and bought their own 8008 for $360 (Billionaires 70). They thought plan in which Gates and Allen would use this chip to make a computer to do traffic - volume - count analysis. Gates and Allen then set up their first "company" called Traf-O-Data (Billionaires 70). "In 1973 the duo landed their first authentic jobs, helping TRW in Vancouver, Washington, to use minicomputers for the management and distribution of power from hydroelectric dams" (Billionaires 70). Gates' parents wanted him to go to Harvard instead of going into business with Allen. Inevitably, Gates convinced his friend to move to Boston so they could work together, and Allen could get a job programming. It was a magazine article that would ultimately change their lives. A cover story in Popular Electronics describing the MITS Altair 8800. "World's First Minicomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models" (Billionaires 71). When Bill and Paul designed the Traf-O-Data machine they wrote a version of BASIC that they m ight be able to adapt to the Altair. By April Gates and Allen had finished the language and convinced MITS to sell it (Billionaires 71). Allen was offered a job by MITS and both of them went to work in a small office for MITS. "Soon after, Microsoft was born" (Billionaires 71). The Birth of Microsoft In the beginning the management skills of Paul Allen and Bill Gates was somewhat loose. Both men took part every single decision that had to be made (Billionaires 71). They were both very cautious entrepreneurs. If there was any difference in their roles in the company, Allen was the one always pushing for new technology, and Gates was more interested in doing negotiations, contracts, and business deals (Billionaires 71). They acquired knowledge as their company slowly grew. Microsoft's basic business scheme was to charge a price so low that computer makers could not do it for less internally (Billionaires 72). Texas Instruments gave Microsoft one of their largest contracts where Texas Instruments bid $99,000 providing programming languages for a home computer TI was going to produce. Allen and Gates picked that price because they did not want to go into six figures (Billionaires 72). They later found out that TI would have paid much more. When Microsoft started selling to Japanese companies they were so overpromised that it was ridiculous Sometimes the business would get a little frightening. In their very first talk to MITS they set it up so the MITS would sell BASIC to their customers. MITS decided later not to sell it because there were so many pirated copies of BASIC floating around that they did not see why they should charge their customers for it. This seemed to Microsoft that MITS was prompted piracy. Gates and Allen eventually went into arbitration to determine if MITS was complying with the contract (Billionaires 72). While they were in arbitration, they were running out of money because MITS was withholding their payments trying to starve Microsoft to death. The arbitrator took nine months to come to a decision. When it was all over MITS was "ripped apart" (Billionaires 72). That case really scared Allen and Gates. They were worried that they were going

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Sustainability Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sustainability - Assignment Example Significantly, the economy necessitates people consume in order to maintain healthy growing. As such, every day numerous marketing campaigns are prophesying about their commodities and before we get aware, the market is filled with commodities much of which people quickly forget. Notably, people like consuming and their consumption is engrained as a social activity that numerous people participate. Globally, people consume 30% resources beyond what the earth can replenish (Brebbia 2010). It is significant noting that, the developed countries are the west in offending. Therefore, if each continent is to consume at the European and the Americans’ rate, the planet earth can hardly sustain the people. Currently, we face numerous challenges, such the climatic change, biodiversity loss, accelerating social inequalities, changing demographics, and demands for basic commodities. However, the UK Government has set a complex legally binding carbon reduction policy. Accordingly, there is the need to adopt societies, as well as, economies to sustainable consumption patterns that portray at least low carbon, efficiency in resources, and profitability. Generally, retail businesses play critical roles in responding to demands of consumers hence their principal business controller. However, it cannot deliver the contagious changes; thus we need the creation of prosperous, and resource- efficient world. Additionally, numerous consumers possess inadequate information, motivation, and opportunity; hence they cannot make sustainable choices about buying practices and use of products. Concisely, sustainable consumption is still a niche and numerous companies make mere incremental improvements. Co nsequently, the leading brands must take the initiative and collaborate in order stimulate the pull of consumers on sustainability; hence make sustainable consumption mainstream.